Monday, October 24, 2011

Dress For Less (Miley Cyrus) "iPhone Post"

I just really love her style most of the time so of course when I saw her pictures: (I do not OWN these photos)

I really just wanted to create my own version!

My shirt is actually from the Miley brand from Walmart which was like $5.00
My skirt was thrifted for a whole $1.00
And My Shoes were borrowed from my mom and they are Soda $10.00
My bag was also thrifted for like $4.00


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leopard Frenzy "iPhone Post"

Another casual "iPhone Post". I LOVE leopard/cheetah print like CRAZY so I went a bit overboard!!!

Today I went thrifting and antiquing so I just wanted to casual and comfortable! Here we go:


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iPhone Post

I guess my "iPhone posts" are my lazy way of showing my outfits. I would love to bust out the good camera but
#1. I don't own a tripod at this time.
#2. I don't like asking people to take them for me.
#3. I am just plain lazy.

So iPhone Post's will have to do sometimes.. MAYBE ONE DAY I'LL GET A BETTER iPhone so that the picture quality is better.

Anyways, Today was my boyfriend, Blake and I's 5 year anniversary of dating! So I kinda wanted to get DRESSED up for him... nothing too awesome but I thought it was cute! :) It was another AWESOME weather day, in fact chilly towards the end of the night. Sad to say NONE of things I am wearing besides my undies and bra are mine. :) I will still tell you the prices of everything but keep in mind... I BORROWED them from my mom! :)

Missoni for Target Dress- $54.99
Missoni for Target Cardigan- $49.99 (I believe)
Mustard Tights- Urban Outfitters (2 for $20)
Cindy Says Navy Heels Ross a LONG time ago!
Silver Coin Belt- Thrifted ($4.99)


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall is Here.

So here is my first outfit, for me some of this isn't EXACTLY "poor girl" clothes but compared to what some people wear on a daily basis... it could be. :)

I was excited that the weather was going to be 68 degrees as the high! :) So I really wanted to bust out my Missoni for Target cardigan I got. I used to be ANTI Brown and Black together but, I AM LOVING THE BROWN AND BLACK color combination for this Fall!

Booties/Wedges- Deena and Ozzy (Urban Outfitters SALE- $20)
Sweater- Missoni for Target ($49.99)
V-Neck- Target (Not sure but CHEAP)
Jeans- American Eagle (Ross- $17.99)
Belt- Off a dress.

Hope everyone else is getting to enjoy nice Fall weather! P.S. Always gotta throw in the iPhone Pic!
- Chelsea