Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall is Here.

So here is my first outfit, for me some of this isn't EXACTLY "poor girl" clothes but compared to what some people wear on a daily basis... it could be. :)

I was excited that the weather was going to be 68 degrees as the high! :) So I really wanted to bust out my Missoni for Target cardigan I got. I used to be ANTI Brown and Black together but, I AM LOVING THE BROWN AND BLACK color combination for this Fall!

Booties/Wedges- Deena and Ozzy (Urban Outfitters SALE- $20)
Sweater- Missoni for Target ($49.99)
V-Neck- Target (Not sure but CHEAP)
Jeans- American Eagle (Ross- $17.99)
Belt- Off a dress.

Hope everyone else is getting to enjoy nice Fall weather! P.S. Always gotta throw in the iPhone Pic!
- Chelsea

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