Saturday, July 7, 2012

Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox 2012

I am proud to say that this is now my second Influenster VoxBox. Influenster is an all FREE program where when you sign up, you have to earn badges. The goal is to earn as many badges as possible. Some of badges you can earn are, Beauty, Cosmo, Green, Mom, Bride-to-Be, University, Youtuber, Twitter, Blogger, & a bunch more. You want to choose the badges that most represent you. 
Also when it comes to boxes, you either qualify or you don't because of TWO main reason. 
1. You don't have a badge that represents that box. 
2. You already recently received a previous box. 

When I first signed up in December of 2011, it took TWO months before all of my badges were completely approved and then I received an email saying I qualified for the LOVE VoxBox in February 2012.  At the this time, I was so excited that of course I said yes, and took the Pr-Qualification quiz. 
Now this is sounding like a lot of work to get a box of samples but I swear on my pretty new Influenster box that it is most definitely not a lot to do. It literally takes 5 minutes to sign up and it's actually kind of fun choosing your badges.
 I was sad to find out that maybe a little over 4 weeks later they were doing the Spring Beauty VoxBox... it had the most amazing products such as a full size bath and body work body spray, full size SHEER COVER CONCEALER!, & a bunch of other awesome things. I learned my lesson, so I am here to teach you to be wise with your voxbox selections...of course I know how hard it is to say no when you've been waiting for months... plus what if theres not another box for another 4 months?!?!


Okay so now that we got all that out of the way, lets start talking about how awesome this box is...


Okay so now that you see whats inside lets start talking about each of the product a little because I am so freaking impatient that I have in fact already tried 3 of these. 

So this is the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish in Iconic Indigo and let me just say that this is the most awesome nail polish EVER! This is a full size product so this bottle you see and is worth $9.99 in store and I received it for FREE!! Oh, and did I mention that I was impatient because.. before I even got MY box I saw what was going to be in it and when I saw the BLUE... I JUST KNEW I HAD TO HAVE it! So you can probably understand how happy I was that when I opened my box there was a BLUE nail polish waiting for me. 
Next is this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen with SPF 30. I have not yet tried this product but I was excited once again to receive it because, I recently got sunburned and I told myself THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!! I am going to 23 this year and I do not need to look 50 with pre-mature wrinkles and such. Oh and this product smells DELIGHTFUL! This runs for about 8.99 for a 6oz. Bottle and I received a 2oz. Sample size.
 This was another product I have already tried, and LOVED! I am very fond of Sally Hansen products so I was pretty confident I was going to enjoy this. It is a Nails, Cuticle and Hand creme with Shea Butter that says its going to give 24 Hr. Moisture. While I never believe the whole 24hr. thing... this is quiet lovely. It does make yours hands super soft and smells like citrus blast. I LIKE!!!
Next is this Clear Shampoo and Conditioner... This might be the only product in the box I was SUPER excited to see. I did recently see this being sold at Walmart for a very affordable price about about $4.99 a bottle. I am very picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioners but who knows... I might get a wild hair on my ass and I might just try this out... oh wait.. not on my ass hair... EWWW!

Next product was this Tampax & Always Radiant Collection and this came with a super cute & tacky little makeup/clutch bag.... I TOTALLY LOVE COSMIC/TACKY/CHEESY things!!! Anyways, inside the bag was a pad, two tampons (1 regular & 1 super) and 3 Daily Liners OH AND COUPONS!!!! I dont have much to say about this product besides a nice thank you to Influenster because I mean I can not honestly say I am EXCITED to use this! ;)
Last Product is this Quaker Banana Nut Bread Soft Baked Bar.... as you can see... its not in the package because I ATE IT!!!! As you can see on the bottom of the package it says "Great Warmed Up, Open one end and stick in the microwave for 10 sec." I did just that and boy was is GREAT & SUPER DELICIOUS!!!! This retails for 3.29 for a package of bars... I think I will be getting me some!!

Overall this box rocked! Good job Influenster!!! I hope you all go sign up at:

Have a great weekend!

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