Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekly Instagram Wednesday

I want to share my favorite photos from Instagram on Wednesdays because that seems like the coolest day to do so! ;)

1. My new smiley face mug! I saw this little gem at a thrift store and I pretty much squealed!!! Can we say a 90's party in mug form? I was on a hunt for a fancy tea cup because I have been OBSESSED with peppermint tea lately... of coarse i choose a NOT so FANCY mug.
2. Nails... totally inspired by "The Dainty Squid" Go check out her blog! It is amazing.
3. Okay so this shouldn't count but I took a picture of the full moon but it looked so far away... so naturally I added a bad ass filter on top! :)
4. This picture puts a smile on my face every time. This was Frankie like the first week we got him! AHH!
5. I had to post this one! this is a baby photo of yours truly. I truly was an Asian troll baby!
6. New book I am starting to read. The author tweeted me!! AHHH!
7. My little Frankie pants looking oh so fancy in dad's bow tie!
8. Oh this is is just me after getting ready to party in a lightening storm with my best friend. P.S. Bud Light Platinum is seriously the SHIT!!! 2 of those bad boys had me feeling crazy and I am in no means a "light weight" Nor am I one to talk about ALCOHOL!!! 

If your interested in seeing other photos... my instagram user name is: chelseaDUH

What's your instagram so I can follow you!!?

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